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Shipping in Canada
Packages are sent as Letter Mail or Expedited Parcel depending on the size of the package.

Shipping rates are determined by the dollar amount of the order. If you feel that the amount for the shipping is too high for the size of package, I will adjust it if you contact me. It is too difficult to keep track of what the actual shipping is for each package that I send out so I have found this seems to work the best. Often I am the one paying the extra which I am okay with.

Shipping rates for Canada:
$0-$14.00 - $4.00
$14.01-$24.99- $9.00
$25.00 - $74.99 - $15.00
$75.00 - 199.99 - 22.00
Over $200 - $30.00

Shipping to USA
Packages sent to the USA will be sent using the most economical way depending on the size and weight of the package using the dollar amount as the guide. If you feel that the amount is too high for the size of parcel, I will adjust it if you contact me.

Shipping rates for United States
$0-$14.00 - $7.00

$14.01-$20.99 -$15.00

$21.00-$149.00 - $24.00
Over $150.00 - $30.00

International Shipping (outside of North America)
Please contact me for actual shipping cost quote.

Lost and Undelivered Packages
I cannot assume?responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged packages. I will try to help you locate your package by providing you with any shipping information I have such as tracking number, etc. Non-delivered packages will not be reshipped or refunded. Check with your local Post Office or Customs Office as this is where the problem usually is.
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